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Do i Need a New Website?

A website for your business can potentially reach thousands if not millions of people that might not otherwise be reachable by you. You need to think of your website as a shop front on a national or even international level. A shopfront that is open non-stop 65 days a year and needs very staff to keep it running! Also, your potential customers can view your products or services from the comfort of their own home at any time of day or night.

No other type of marketing strategy can compete with a website for business scalability or your finance budget. The cost per customer is incredible compared to forms of advertising.

Your website can also empower your current customers to offer an up to date information service and will maximise your marketing potential for future customers. Almost any type of business can be utilised online from a small local business to large B2B corporate companies.

A website for your business is like a giant public poster, where people can get information on how to find you and what services you have to offer. It is also a medium to show why your service is totally unique and can easily be updated frequently. A website is a form of communication that can inspire you and your customers to drive your company on to expand and get better in the future.

If you think you may need help on this matter why not give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can point you in the correct direction for any web design or internet market ideas.

Clear Website Design

It can be tempting to make a website that’s too complex at the design stage. I personally would go for a simple design with a well-structured page that has clear headers and not forgetting plenty of informative text. In fact the more text the better. It plays a part in your SEO! The amount of text is very important for the search engines and longer articles are the way to go!

Website Structure

Do not have a wall of text. Structure it with headers and break it up a bit.
It makes reading easier and helps search engines work out your site better!
Flash images or lot’s of images, in general, should be avoided.
Just one or two well optimised main images per page are sufficient.

Homepage Design

The most important part of your website is the home page.
It’s your shop window for your products or services.
If the main page of your website is not inviting then potential customers
will leave before they even think about other pages on your site.

Too many websites have a cluttered home page with lots of flashing images.
Keep it simple with maybe a banner and a few select images and remember
that the amount of text affects your website ranking on the search engines!